YouTube'chilarning Life Steam erta Access bitiruvchilari

YouTube'chilarning hayot

Ispaniya Studio U-Play Online yaqinda e'lon hayot modellashtirish nomi, YouTube'chilarning hayot, nihoyat Early Access dasturini tugatdi va Steam-da to'liq ishga tushirdi. O'yin Valve-ning raqamli tarqatish xizmatida mavjud.

Press-reliz yaqinda odamlar keyinchalik bugun o'yin nihoyat Bug erta Access bo'limda bitirgandan Buxoriy do'konida, mavjud bo'ladi, deb bilaman berib chiqib ketdi.

Quim Garrigós, U-Play da rivojlantirish direktori Online o'yin nihoyat oldin ozod bosqichga aylandi orqali qilgan haqida fikr bildirdi YouTube'chilarning hayot...

“We want to thank everybody who supported Youtubers Life in its Early Access period, helping us bring this wonderful project to life,” “Now it’s time to show the world our game leaving Early Access, which is orders of magnitude better and longer than it was 8 months ago”.

The YouTube'chilarning hayot game lets players fulfill the role of becoming a superstar YouTuber. The game sees you attempting to make relationships with other YouTubers, upgrade your recording gear, editing videos, uploading videos and eventually moving out of your mother’s basement into your apartment and then into your own mansion.

O'yin juda ham shunga o'xshash eshitiladi Sims, where you need to choose a career path, keep your character fed, clothed and ambitious. As a YouTuber you can actually choose to pursue the pathway of either a gamer, cook or a musician, all three of which happen to be the most popular forms of user generated content on YouTube. Surprisingly they don’t have a makeup artist on the tab, even though doing makeup is actually one of the most popular forms of edutainment on YouTube.

o'yin har ikkala hardcore va casual muxlislar orasida juda ommalashgan, va ajoyib YouTube'chilarning hayot managed to make it onto Twitch and YouTube and become a smash hit with streamers and Let’s Play outlets alike.

Siz tashrif buyurib, keyinchalik bugun mavjud va Buxoriy erta Access chiqib qilinadigan o'yin uchun qarash mumkin Bug 'do'kon.