Yaqinda "Samsung Galaxy Watch" ko'rgazmasining ochilish marosimi bo'lib o'tdi

Galaxy Watch

Yaqinda tayyorlangan hisobot CNET Skott Shtayn Samsung yaqinda taqdim etiladigan Samsung Galaxy Watch soatini namoyish qilgan ko'rinadi. Skottning hisobotida u bir lahzaga Samsung Galaxy Watch Samsung veb-saytida yaqinlashib kelayotgan aqlli soatlar ro'yxati ko'rsatilganligini aytdi.

Ro'yxat SM-R42NZDAXAR ro'yxat raqami bilan 810mm Rose Gold modelining suratini ko'rsatdi. Keyinchalik, yangi Samsung Galaxy Watch bilan bog'liq veb-saytga aloqasi uzildi va sahifa endi o'ldi. Eng muhimi, Skott yaqinlashib kelayotgan smartwatchning (yuqoridagi rasm) rasmini ko'rsatgan ekran tasvirini olgani.

At this point, information regarding the name and features are all about the rumors. Talk has it that Samsung may debut the new smartwatch at Samsung’s next big event, which will be Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 event scheduled for August 9th next month. The Note 9 is also expected to make it’s debut as well.

Talk also has it that a name shift could be in the making, instead of continuing with the Samsung Gear sequel, it seems the new name just might be called “Samsung Galaxy Watch”. More talk states the upcoming smartwatch might run a new version of Samsung’s Tizen 4.0 – OS out of the box, which is said to come with new voice control, a report by SamMobile, states that the Galaxy Watch would come standard with Bixby as the watch’s voice assistant, it also may be similar in size to the Samsung Gear Sport, with a 1.2-inch display.

Keyingi mish-mishlar akkumulyator batareyasining hajmi haqida gapiradi, ba'zilari esa ko'proq batareya aytadi, boshqalar esa yanada samarali protsessorga ega bo'ladi. Agar ko'proq batareya so'zlari bo'lsa, 470mAh bo'lishi mumkin, Gear S3 Classic 380mAh, Gear Sports batareyasi esa 300mAh.

It also seems the new smartwatch could have a similar look as the Gear S3 Classic, while some believe Samsung will give it a new appealing design, rumor has it may have a second display in the rotating bezel, which could have extra features stored there, and don’t be surprise if Samsung throws in a curved displays.and bring LTE back aboard with a Wi-Fi only model. More health features will probably be added as well, since recently Samsung added telemedicine into the Samsung phone app.

The question is what will be the color options and what will be the price? There is talk of a strong possibility that the main colors will be- Black, Silver and Gold, with other varied color designs for other watch models, and last but certainly not least, the price: at this time rumors and talks have not suggested what the costs might be. As more information surfaces regarding the upcoming new Samsung’s Galaxy Watch and Sumsung’s Unpacked 2018 event, be sure to tune in for further updates.

Screen Shot Kredit: Scott Stein-CNET