Yangilangan Buxoriy kutubxonasi kelgusi haftada jonli efirga chiqadi

Yoz oylari bilan to'lgan Valve bu imkoniyatdan foydalanib, Steam foydalanuvchi interfeysi, ayniqsa, o'yinchi kutubxonasiga biroz qulaylik beradi. Bu estetika tashqarisida hech qanday ta'siri yo'q, lekin, vaqti kelib, raqamli do'koni vaqti-vaqti bilan bir oz TLC olishni ko'rish juda yaxshi.

ustida ortiq Steam Jamiyati sahifa, a post has gone live informing game publishers of changes set to take place within the player library. Valve announced during GDC this past March that the Steam Library would be seeing some changes and, according to the post, those changes are about to go into effect.

In fact, Valve is encouraging publishers to make some changes to their game assets now, as the update is expected to go live within just a few weeks.

As best as I can tell, the new library is taking a “best of both worlds” approach, mixing the list version of the library with the tiled version. The former is great for folks who just want to quickly hop to the game they want to play with little muss and fuss while the latter is great for those who prefer to “see” their digital games all lined up in front of them. The tiled format is also a nice option if you’re just sort of looking through your library, trying to figure out what you want to play.

The library list in the example provided is organized by when games were last played, but I figure other options, such as alphabetical, will also be in the cards. As for the tiled area, there’s a banner section up at the top for notifying the player of things like which games have a major update ready to download, and then the tiles are organized in categories such as “Recent Games” and “Favorites.” Again, it seems likely players will have a bit of control over what is shown and where.

The community post has a bit of information on what is needed from publishers before the new library goes live, so it’s worth a quick read if you’re interested in what goes on under the hood. Otherwise, hold tight and get ready for a spruced up library experience on Steam.