Shenmue 3 ESRB tomonidan o'smirlar uchun "T" baholandi

YS Net va Deep Silver tomonidan e'lon qilinganidan keyin Shenmue 3 "Epic Games Store" ning yagona (bir yil mobaynida) "Steam" tugmachalarini qo'llab-quvvatlaganidan so'ng, bahs-munozaralar boshlandi. Epic, YS Net va Deep Silver, qaytarish uchun qonuniy tahdidlar va talablar oshkor etilganda, qaytarib olish uchun qanday qilib munosib bo'lish mumkinligini batafsil aytib berishga va Epic, Engadget. Ayni paytda, ESRB kelgusi tadbir-sarguzasht o'yinini baholadi PC va PS4.

ESRB nomi bilan mashhur bo'lgan dasturiy ta'minotni baholash bo'yicha kengash reytingi Shenmue 3 on The game set to hit PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4 in November has a rating of “T” for “Teen” containing mild language, mild suggestive themes, simulated gambling, use of alcohol and tobacco, and violence.

"Kontent identifikatorlari: Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Simulated Gambling, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence.”

Xulosa Shenmue 3 dives into how the game has violent scenes and other segments related to gambling and the use of mild language. It also stresses how some female characters “wear outfits with low cut tops that reveal large amounts of cleavage,” which could be a reference to the character Joy. Additionally, the summary makes mention of dialogue and text also referring to “suggestive material”:

"Baho qisqacha bayoni: This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of a teenage jujitsu artist (Ryo Hazuki) as attempts to find his father’s killer. As players traverse fictional Chinese villages and towns, they interact with characters and engage in barehanded street fighting against enemy thugs and gang members. Players use punches, kicks, and throws to defeat enemies; fights are accompanied by impact sounds and cries of pain. Some female characters wear outfits with low cut tops that reveal large amounts of cleavage; dialogue and text also reference suggestive material (e.g., “I pray my hubby gains some pep to his step…in bed”; “Whoa, check out the pair on that one”; “The scumbags trying to extort money from any shop owner with boobs.”). As players progress through the game, they can wager in-game currency on dice games, animal races, and roulette-style games. Several characters can be seen smoking cigarettes and drinking from beer bottles and jugs of wine. The word “a*s,” “b*tch,” and “pr*ck” are heard in the game.”

YS Net va Deep Silver uzoq vaqtdan beri tortishuvlarga sabab bo'lgandan keyin qaytarib olishni rad etish uchun vaziyatni baholash, and the whole storefront bait-and-switch debacle, it’s hard to tell if people will stick around and play the Epic Games Store version, wait a year for the Steam edition, or walk away from the “T” rated game?

Nima bo'lganda ham, Shenmue 3 Noyabr 4th, 19 da Epic Games do'koniga va PS2019ga urish uchun o'rnatilgan bo'lsa, Buxoriy versiyasi noyabrda 2020da tushishi rejalashtirilgan.