TBS-ning Snowpiercer poyga-svoplari qo'rg'oshin erkak

Snowpiercer TBS

They’re not even hiding it anymore. They don’t even care. The propaganda is out-and-out in your face and they aren’t even trying to be coy about their degenerate agenda that they want to lay at your feet as they continue to pump Communist ideology into the veins of your every waking thought.

Musobaqa yakuniga yetgandan keyin Kichik maymun jinsi almashinuvi Rocketeer teaser, "xilma-xillik" bosildi Witcher trailer, 007 a qora tanli ayol, va Thor bo'lish bilan hisobga olinadi ayol tomonidan zaiflashgan, TBS, ularni qayta qurish uchun treyler tashladi Yomg'ir yog'adigan narsaChris Evans, Jeymi Bell va Tilda Swintonning bosh rollarni ijro etgan Janubiy Koreyaning 2013 filmi Joon-ho Bong tomonidan asos solingan televizor seriyasidir.

There’s a pretty big difference between Joon-ho Bong’s film and the TBS series: the white male leads have been race-swapped for black males.

Quyidagi treylerni tomosha qilishingiz mumkin, u iyul oyida 20th-da, 2019-da joylashtirilgan TBS YouTube kanali.

So basically Chris Evans role has been handed off to Daveed Diggs, while Jamie Bells’ role has been handed off to that curly-haired kid.

Funnily enough, Tilda Swinton’s role was moved over laterally to Jennifer Connelly. Funny how the role of the woman stays the same but the two male “heroes” were race-swapped?

But it doesn’t end there, because why would it?

Ular, hatto, millatning lezbiyen jinsiy aloqa bilan shug'ullanadigan joyga boradilar. Chunki insonning omon qolishi so'nggi marta genetik o'limga qaramasdan, dunyoni yoqish uchun tomosha qilishni nazarda tutyapti.

Keep in mind that there were no interracial lesbians in the movie, because people had more important things to worry about… like eating, and surviving train carts designed for mass executions.

It’s not only an affront to Joon-ho Bong’s vision of the story, but it’s outright insulting to our intelligence.

Only 3,000 flesh suits remain on the planet and they’re busy worrying about hooking up with the same-sex to further risk extinction? Really? It’s an identical conundrum of intellectual dissonance on display in Biz 2 oxirgi. Humankind on the brink of extinction and we’re supposed to care about two lesbians shacking up for the heck of it? Really?

It’s beyond the pale that this seems to be a sub-plot in almost every major show and dystopian work of fiction coming out of Hollywood and the Left’s media-made content. This sort of criticism might make its way across more common social hubs if they weren’t so heavily censored, or if people who did voice their opinion weren’t instantly banned, or if there weren’t so many Centrists™ shilling the Left’s degenerate agenda at every turn by shouting down normal people who are absolutely sick and tired of this nonsense.

It’s repulsive, and it’s never-ending.

Even people in the comment section were calling out TBS’ degeneracy.

Endi bu qiziqarli narsa shundan iboratki, Centrists ™ deb nomlangan ba'zi chapchilar Jak Lob, Benjamin Legrand va Benjamin Legrand tomonidan tayyorlangan original 1982 frantsuzcha grafikaga qayta urinishga urinib, bu o'zgarishlarni o'zgartirib yuborgan tovushni qabul qilish uchun me'yorlarni buzish uchun turli taktikalarni qo'llashga harakat qiladi. Jan-Marc Rochette.

Centrists™ will falsely claim that TBS isn’t trying to base the series on the South Korean film, but are instead basing it on the original French graphic novels, and therefore it’s not “race-swapping”, it’s just keeping it in tune with the original written works. However, those Centrists would be duly wrong since even in the old graphic novels the leads were still white.

So if Centrists™ attempt to use that fallacy on you, just drop some facts on them and set them back on the straight and narrow, something they’re completely unfamiliar with.

But it doesn’t matter.

Too many people are already drowning in the Left’s propaganda – it’s become the norm. The Overton is chiefly Left, and anyone who speaks out against it is labeled as a heretic, a pariah, an instigator and reactionary.

Ushbu miya yuvish usuli davom etadi; u madaniy jamiyatimiz bo'ylab o'limga olib boradigan va o'sib chiqadigan noaniq o'simta kabi o'sib boradi. U siz sevgan narsalaringizni, siz zavqlanadigan narsalarni va har qanday xotirjam xotirani yutib yuboradi. Bu gazetani o'tmish bilan qayta yozadi va gapirishga va jang qilishga qobiliyatingizni kamaytiradi. Bu sizning irodangizni jang qilish uchun kuchsizlantirishga va isyonga qobiliyatingizni ishlatishga olib keladi.

This is how propaganda works; this is how Communism works. It’s already growing and spreading like the virus that it is. It’s too late to prevent it from growing, but at the very least… those of us who are aware of it can attempt to open the eyes of those who are not, and possibly get degenerate trash like Yomg'ir yog'adigan narsa yaxshi va qulay joy Uyg'oning; Go Broke - Magistr ro'yxati.