Hisobotlarda GameStop va GameInformer "ko'plab" yozuvchilar va xodimlarni ishdan bo'shatgani aytiladi

Geymerlar video o'yinlar va qiziqarli tarkib haqida o'qishni xohlashadi. Bilasizmi, birinchi navbatda geymerlar o'yiniga ega bo'lgan narsalarni kuzatib boring va ularni kuzatib borasizmi? Xozirgi kunga kelib, GameInformer va uning bosh kompaniyasi GameStop (GameStop Corp.) uyg'ongan bo'lishiga qaramay, buzilmaslik uchun ko'p sonli xodimlarni ishdan bo'shatishdi.

Since gamers want to read about the ever-growing hobby that has brought several great things to the table, many people that crave video games aren’t getting the same love reciprocated through mainstream outlets like GameInformer and GameStop.

Ikkala veb-sayt o'z o'quvchilari va geymerlariga mushtlashadigan ijtimoiy adolat va yozuvlarni anti-geymerga o'xshash boshqa uyg'oq uyg'otuvchi hikoyalar bilan to'qnashadigan yozuvlarni berishga moyil.

With the sociopolitical agenda outlined in several of the two websites’ hit pieces, many readers leave in droves much like what happens to anything that gets woke and goes broke.

And there’s no difference here with GameInformer and GameStop. According to website gamesindustry.biz (2), GameInformer va GameStop juda oz sonli odamlarni ishdan bo'shatishdi, bu esa kompaniya uchun kelajakdagi noxush hodisalarni anglatadi.

The first piece by Brendan Sinclair detailing GameInformer’s mass layoff sits below:

“West coast news editor Imran Khan, senior associate editor Kyle Hilliard, and associate editor Suriel Vazquez all posted on Twitter that they had been let go. Another laid off employee posted on a private social media account that they had lost their job along with “many” others.


[…] Update: Game Informer managing editor Matt Bertz has confirmed that he was also among those laid off.”

The second piece by Rebekah Valentine detailing GameStop’s mass layoff reads:

“[…] It appears GameStop has eliminated a total of 120 positions across its headquarters, various offices, and the publication.


Forbes hisobotida that this represents approximately 14% of the company’s total workforce removed in a move GameStop says is to “reduce costs and better align the organization with our efforts to optimize the business to meet our future objectives and success factors.”


Though details are murky about how much of Game Informer was affected, writers Elise Favis, Kyle Hilliard, Imran Khan, Jeff Marchiafava, Suriel Vazquez, Matthew Bertz, and Javy Gwaltney have confirmed on social media platforms that their positions were eliminated today.”

The second piece closes out by saying, “GamesIndustry.biz has reached out to both GameStop and Game Informer for comment.” As of this writing, the two publication sites have not responded to said query.

In the meantime, here’s a list of factual tweets confirming the above reports on GameInformer and GameStop’s broke moment:

We’ll keep you posted if GameStop or GameInformer provides a statement as to why the mass layoff is in motion — although it’s obvious why.

(Blaugast yangiliklar uchun rahmat)