Wreckfest sharhi: Haqiqiy poyga muxlislari uchun haqiqiy poyga o'yini

Wreckfest sharhi

sarlavha: Wreckfest
Janr: Racing
O'yinchilar: 1 - 24 (onlayn)
Platformalar: PS4, Xbox Bitta, PC (O'rganilgan)
Tuzuvchi: bugbear Entertainment
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Narx: $39.99
Ishlab chiqarilish sanasi: Iyun 14th, 2018

Ko'p so'zlarni behuda sarf qilmasdan, ochiq aytamanki, Bugbear Entertainmaintniki Wreckfest sotib olishga arziydi. Agar siz yuqori oktanli, fizikaga asoslangan poyga simulyatorlarini yoqtirsangiz, uni sotib olishingiz kerak. O'yin qirralarning atrofida qo'pol dog'lar mavjud, masalan menyularni boshqarayotganda kursor yorlig'i ba'zan ko'rinmasa yoki menyularning ba'zilari to'g'ri yuklanmasa yoki oval asfalt yo'lining muayyan qismlarida qoqilib qolsa. maydon ko'rinishga keladi.

Wreckfest - Zahar

Men dastlab sotib olganman Wreckfest some years ago when the game was still in Early Access. But I didn’t bother playing it in Early Access since it wasn’t complete. I wanted to support the developers because they were working on something I felt was a necessary entry in the racing game genre, since most racing games have gone the arcade route or have turned into micrtransaction-laden gimmicky pieces of crap. It can safely be said that was I not disappointed in the decision to support the developers early on.

It should go without — but sadly it needs to be said in [current year] — there is no Liberal Progressive degeneracy in the game.

Men Internetda o'ynaganman, sozlaganman va hatto boshqa o'yinchilar bilan kurashganim uchun, kamalak bayroqlari yo'q edi, bu translar ham, chap qanotli agitprop ham, alifbo sho'rvasi ham bema'nilik emas. Bu haqiqiy geymerlar uchun qilingan haqiqiy o'yin edi.

Wreckfest - Yiqilgan

Bu g'ildiraklarda ko'proq metallga aylanadigan g'ildiraklardagi yonuvchan metall haqida o'yin, va Bugbear bu tajribani tasvirlashni ajoyib tarzda bajaradi.

The meat and potatoes of the game is the Career Mode, which spans five different categories. This is where you’ll earn most of your loot to buy new cars, upgrade your cars, and level up your driver rank to unlock new parts, vehicles, and customization options.

Each Career Mode category becomes increasingly difficult, but typically in a fair way. The early entries center around introducing you to the core mechanics of the game with lawnmowers and couches, and then you eventually move up in grades to more powerful vehicles, classed from ‘D’ to ‘A’.

Each class is represented by its power output, with ‘D’ and ‘C’ class vehicles usually being lumbering and usually slow, such as motorhomes and buses, or limousines and harvesters.

Wreckfest - Motorhome jinnilik

twisted Metall

There’s a wide range of different vehicles to unlock in the game, and more are frequently added through post-launch DLC, along with additional customization options. However, none of that stuff appealed to me and most of the core content that you get in the base game is more than enough to fill out anywhere between 30 and 60 hours of gameplay, depending on how invested you are in completing the Career Mode or dabbling in the online modes.

O'yinda 25 dan ortiq avtoulovlar mavjud, shuningdek, qo'shimcha maxsus transport vositalari bilan birga Karyera rejimidagi vazifalarni bajarish yoki doimiy ravishda yangilanib turadigan musobaqalarda "Shon-sharaf" yutuqlarini olish orqali ularni sotib olishingiz mumkin. Shon-sharaf asosan turnirlarda qanchalik yaxshi o'ynashingizdan kelib chiqib aniqlanadi, bu esa sizdan muayyan vazifalarni bajarishingizni talab qiladi.

Qanchalik ko'p qiyinchiliklarni qo'lga kiritsangiz, shuncha ko'p shuhrat qozonasiz va o'z navbatida siz ushbu shon-sharafni "Doom Rig" deb nomlanuvchi salqin krom-kalla suyagi kabi maxsus transport vositalarini qulfini ochish uchun ishlatishingiz mumkin.

Wrffest - Doom Rig

The only downside to some of the special vehicles is that customization is limited for them and you’re unable to tune most of them.

Bir tomondan, bu boshqa o'yinchilarni aldashga yo'l qo'ymaydi, chunki ular yarim tonna ishlash modifikatsiyalari va zirhlarni echib, amalda daxlsiz bo'lib qoladilar, ammo bu o'yinda motoromlar, krujkalar kabi ba'zi boshqa transport vositalari bilan nima qila olishingizni cheklaydi. , uylar, avtobuslar yoki ikki qavatli.

Wrffest - Ikki qavatli

Karyera rejimi va Turnir rejimi tashqarisida maxsus tadbirlar yaratish imkoniyati mavjud.

Maxsus tadbirlar sizga transport vositasini tanlash, trekni va voqea qoidalarini - buzib tashlash derbisidan to to'g'ri chiziqdagi poygagacha tanlashga imkon beradi va keyin ushbu tadbirda onlayn peshqadamlarni to'ldirish umidida musobaqalashadi.

Bitta o'yinchi tarkibiga kelsak, "Ishga qabul qilish" rejimi, "Turnir rejimi" va maxsus tadbirlarni yaratish qobiliyati sizni band qilish uchun mavjud.

Wreckfest - Yopiq qo'ng'iroq

Ushbu rejimlarni taqiqlab, siz tezkor o'yin o'ynash, serverlarni ko'rib chiqish yoki o'zingizning bo'sh vaqtingizda o'zingizning maxsus serveringizni yaratish va musobaqalarni o'tkazish qobiliyatini o'z ichiga olgan ko'p o'yinchi qurbonliklarida qatnashishingiz mumkin.

O'zingizning serveringizni qanday boshqarish va boshqarish, qoidalar yoki shartlarni belgilash yoki hatto ba'zi bir mod rejimida o'ynashga imkon beradigan odamlarning imkoniyatlari juda ko'p.

In fact, there’s a server setup that runs classic NASCAR races using a NASCAR mod that you can download from the Steam Workshop.

Wreckfest - tutun effektlari

Agar siz ushbu o'yinning nusxasini olish uchun baxtsizliklardan biri bo'lgan bo'lsangiz O'yinlar markazi 4 or Xbox One, you’re fresh out of luck when it comes to improving the game with mods. And oh boy do mods improve the game.

O'yinda ba'zi bir jinsiy modifikatsiyalar mavjud, masalan, General Li terisi Hazzard gersoglari, yoki Burt Reynolds klassikasidan olingan qora va oltin olovli qushlarning yaltirashi, Smokey & The Bandit. Other mods add some neat special effects such as additional dust kick-up on loose surface tracks, or lingering smoke trails from burned rubber on asphalt tracks. There’s even a cool bokeh depth of field mod that adds some extra pizzazz to the visual presentation of the game.

Ammo modsiz ham Wreckfest bu allaqachon juda ko'p tarkibga ega bo'lgan katta nom, bu yuqorida aytilgan yigirmatadan ortiq transport vositalarini tanlashni o'z ichiga oladi, ularning aksariyati sizning xohishingizga ko'ra sozlanishi, o'zgartirilishi va sozlanishi mumkin. Xuddi shu kabi vositalarni almashtirish mumkin Forza Motorsport, shuning uchun siz ushbu transport vositasidan talab qilinadigan narsaga qarab ma'lum transport vositalarini sinfga yuqoriga yoki pastga siljitishingiz mumkin.

Wrecekfest - Killerbee S

Shuningdek, avtomobilning umumiy ishlashini yaxshilash uchun pistonlarni, ko'p qirrali, havo filtrlarini, ateşleme, yonilg'i, egzoz, klapanlar va eksa milini yaxshilashingiz mumkin. Avtomobilda zirhni o'zgartirish uning chidamliligi va qulash samaradorligini oshiradi, bu derbining buzilishida muhimdir, ammo og'ir zirh mashinaning ishlashini sezilarli darajada pasaytiradi, tezlikni, tezlashishni va ishlov berishni kamaytiradi.

So ultimately when it comes to the upgrades you have to pick and choose what role you want the vehicle to perform in the race and go from there. Some cars can be raised or lowered in class based on the engine or upgrades you have installed, while other times you can fit a large engine in a small car and then downgrade it to a lower level by putting heavy roll-cages and armor on the front and back, allowing you to basically take ‘A’ or ‘B’ class vehicles into ‘C’ or ‘D’ class races.

Wreckfest - Yashil va binafsha rang

If I did have a gripe with the game when it comes to the vehicles, it would be with two issues: first off, the paint editor in-game isn’t very robust. But again, if you have the PC version of the game you can simply make your own liveries anyway you like. If you’re playing on consoles you’re screwed and stuck with very limited paint decal and livery options for the vehicles. On console don’t expect to create any waifu weeb cars like you’ll find in Forza Motorsport.

Ikkinchi masala - sozlashning etishmasligi.

Yes, the game does allow you to tune your vehicle but it’s all really basic sliders. You can choose how stiff or loose you want the suspension, which basically changes the ride height, as well as how stiff or open you want the differential lock, or how much force you want applied to the front or rear brakes, or modifying the gearbox for short or long gear shifts.

Bo'ldi shu.

Wrffest - Garajni sozlash

You don’t have the option of manually fine-tuning each gear like you can in rFactoryoki F1 qator, yoki Gran Turismo. What this means is that you can’t specifically tune your car to shift early with high revs in the lower first through third gears and then draw out as much of the torque as possible in the fourth through fifth gears. That used to be a go-to strategy when playing online to get off the start line really hot, especially with lightweight Japanese vehicles where despite meeting the horsepower limit they were so much faster than many European or American-made vehicles at the same horsepower rank, mostly due to the latter vehicles being much heavier and slower.

Bu menga g'azabni keltirdi Wreckfest and not being able to have the option to dive into the minutiae of fine-tuning the gears like what you’re capable of doing in the other racing sims.

Wreckfest - o'tish

Puristlar uchun poyga

Biroq, haqiqiy poyga haqida gap ketganda Wreckfest yonidagi eng real simlardan biridir BeamNG Drive thanks to its soft-body deformation physics. It’s far more advanced than the soft-body physics we’ve seen in past games like Viper Racing yoki original Yassi. And since the vehicles aren’t licensed, it means that they can crunch, squish, smash, splint, dent, and completely fall apart in thoroughly satisfying ways the likes of which you will likely never see in a Gran Turismo, CARS loyihasi or Forza Motorsport sarlavha.

O'yin o'yinchilarga zararli chiqishni arkadadan tortib to real holatga qadar o'zgartirish imkoniyatini beradi va oh har bir sozlamaning farqini ko'rishingiz mumkin. Agar siz uni real holga keltirsangiz, mayda mayda-chuyqalar, yiqilishlar va qulashlar sizning poygangizni barmoq ipi singari tugatadi.

Wreckfest - jami

If you cut a corner too short and collide with a concrete barrier you might not total the vehicle but it might completely damage the front axle, so much so that you could lose a wheel… or two. Taking jumps too aggressively can result in damaging your vehicle’s suspension, or getting clipped from the side or rear-ended too often can damage your brakes or even funk up your gearbox. And all of these detriments can very well be felt in-game, as a broken gearbox means you have to manually help the gears shift after maxing the revolutions, which adds even more difficulty to the race as you attempt to take turns while also making sure you’re shifting on time.

This particular aspect of the game reminded me a lot of Slightly Mad Studios’ first CARS loyihasi, bu erda aniq poyga asosan o'yinning nomi edi va agar siz yo'lda qolishni va poygada g'olib bo'lishni istasangiz, o'zingizni transport vositangizga to'liq moslashtirishingiz kerak edi.

YouTuber tufayli siz hardkor rejimi qanday ekanligi haqida tasavvurga ega bo'lishingiz mumkin Jimmy Broadbent iloji boricha qonuniy va toza poyga qilishga harakat qilish haqida video qilish.

Haqiqiy rejim sizni yo'llarni o'rganishga, transport vositalarini o'rganishga, burilishlarni o'rganishga va tormozlash, tana vaznining burchaklar va tepalik o'rtasidagi uzatilishini, shuningdek qachon agressiv bo'lish kerakligini va qachon yoki qachon passiv bo'lishni talab qiladi. .

Wreckfest is one of the rare racing games where you want to increase the difficulty because it actually increases the fun (and the amount of XP you gain). There’s a level of intensity there that forces you to have to pay attention, to race right, and to race well.

Ko'ryapsizmi, Wreckfest isn’t just about smashing cars, it’s also about mastering the art of racing.

Uning janrdagi zamondoshlaridan farqli o'laroq, unda haydash chiziqlari yo'q Wreckfest.

Wreckfest - Quyosh botishi

You have to manually learn each and every track, and individually master how each car, truck, couch, or vehicle handles on said track. You can’t sleep walk through the races or you will lose, especially when playing online where a simple mistake will cost you the entire race.

Also, there are no power-ups to save you like in Bugbear’s original Flaout o'yinlar. Siz asl nusxadagi boshqa poygachilarga yoki narsalarga urib turbo turishingiz mumkin Flatout o'yinlar bilan shug'ullaning va keyin yo'lingizda porloq kalitni olib, mashinangizni tuzating. Yaltiroq kalitlar yo'q Wreckfest; hayotingiz uchun poyga qilishingiz yoki harakat qilib o'lishingiz kerak.

Wrffest - tugadi

Dinamik kuchlar bilan aloqa

Bularning barchasi kompyuterda qayta aloqa g'ildiraklarini qo'llab-quvvatlash va Bugbear-ni Steam Controller uchun beptoke haptic geribildirim yordamida qo'shimcha милaga ko'tarish orqali yaxshilandi.

Burilish paytida siz vazn taqsimotidagi siljishni tom ma'noda sezishingiz mumkin, bu esa burilish paytida mikro-sozlash imkonini beradi, chunki soch turmagidan chapdan o'ngga harakatlanayotgan mashina og'irligini sezasiz. , yoki siz qo'nish paytida notekis sakrashni o'z ichiga olgan zarbalarni his qilganingizda. G'ildiraklar va Steam Controller-ga oid fikr-mulohazalar sizning qo'llaringizni jirkanchlashtirishi va poyganing intensivligini oshirishi mumkin bo'lsa-da, poyga paytida aniqroq asoslangan sozlashlarni amalga oshirishga imkon beradi. Bu sizning navbat bilan aylanishning oldini olishga yordam beradi, bu erda siz mashinangiz yiqilib ketayotgani haqida sizni xabardor qilishingiz mumkin yoki sizni devorga boqish uchun mo'ljallangan pit-manevradan xalos bo'lishingiz mumkin.

Hatto yaxshiroq bo'lsa ham, siz sozlash menyusida namlikning pasayishi, fikr-mulohazalarning to'yinganligi, boshqarish burchagi va hatto sezgirlikni sozlashingiz mumkin. Agar sizda o'yin bo'lsa, lekin rulni sozlashda muammo bo'lsa, YouTuber brtcobra uni qanday qilib to'g'ri sozlash kerakligi to'g'risida sizga ma'lumot beriladi.

Sozlamalar haqida gapiradigan bo'lsak, unda juda ko'p variant mavjud Wreckfest kompyuteringizda tajribangizni sozlash uchun kompyuterda.

This is basically due to the fact that they had all Early Access to focus on optimizing the game for PC. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than some console port-overs that have found their way onto the platform.

I had the game maxed out and for the most part, there was no stuttering or frame drops other than a few tracks – specifically the oval track variations at the Big Valley Speedway – where the game would dip for some odd reason when passing by the infield. It wasn’t always consistent, and I’m not entirely sure why that was, but I didn’t bother to waste time opening up the debugger to find out what was going on at that specific memory address to cause the issue(s). It only seemed to happen in the single-player portion of the Career Mode, though, and I had no problems with any frame drops, stuttering, or hiccups when playing online or partaking in the tournaments.

Wrffest - Turnir

G'olib uchun Modlar

Keyin yana, men changni ko'tarish va tutun ta'sirini yaxshilash uchun modlardan, shuningdek to'qnashuv paytida kontakt effektlarini oshirish uchun moddan foydalandim. Ammo kekkayish oval yo'lda, hatto men modsni o'rnatmasdan oldin sodir bo'lgan.

Shunga qaramay, onlayn rejimlar men o'ylagandan ko'ra yaxshiroq ishlaydi.

If you don’t have time to browse through a server you can just select Quick Match from the menu and it will find a game for you to join. The only downside with the multiplayer is that there is no split-screen option at all, so you can’t play local two-player or four-player against other players; the only multiplayer options are for online play. But given how finicky the optimization is on single-player, I can only imagine what sort of frame-drops would occur in two-player split-screen.

Heck, maybe once they get things better optimized we’ll see split-screen arrive in the sequel? …Maybe?

Wreckfest - Pikap yuk mashinasi

Qaytarish qiymati ko'p

Options, variety, and track selection are also available in abundance. You can select from 30 different tracks, some of which come with a handful of different variations, not unlike Bugbear’s first two Flatout o'yinlar yoki oldingi Need For Speed ochiq dunyo formatiga o'tishdan oldin sarlavhalar.

The Career Mode keeps a lot of the track variety feeling fresh, but I found that the online competitions seemed to select a wide range of different tracks that weren’t even used during the Career Mode, this includes short and long versions of some tracks or reverse versions of other tracks.

It’s one of the few racing games where after 40 hours of play I was still discovering new content, and still have more content to discover yet.

Wreckfest - Karyera tugadi

I also like that you can level up and earn credits in the online competitions, so you can still upgrade your vehicles and purchase new vehicles simply by racing against friends or rivals. That’s a really neat touch. It’s just too bad that you can’t save replays, though.

Also, I enjoyed the soundtrack even though the music selection was kind of limited. One Desire’s “Hurt” is absolutely the standout song from the game, though. It sounds like something out of the glam-metal era of rock from the 1980s.

Quyidagi qo'shiq bilan tanishishingiz mumkin.

I wish the game had a few more tracks like that, but most of the other tunes are of the hard rock or doom metal variety, so I can’t complain.

Xudoga shukur, bor rap qo'shiqlari yo'q!

As far as the game’s graphics are concerned, I have no qualms. The soft-body deformation is top notch, and the only game that even bothers to entertain such a feature is BeamNG Drive.

Wreckfest - zarracha Mod

I do wish that Bugbear would have at least had an option for the dust particles and smoke plumes in the vanilla version of the game, but if you have the PC version be sure to download TemplarGFX’s Particles+ Loose Surfaces and his Particles+ Hard Surfaces mod, along withc Pritchard’s Contact Effects mod.

But there’s nothing else left to say other than that if you’re a real racing fan and you want a game that doesn’t cut corners and offers you a hardcore racing experience with a nice hefty helping of both fantasy tracks, demolition derby runs, and skill-based races across a number of different surfaces and with a wide variety of customizable vehicles, then Wreckfest siz uchun sotib olish kerak bo'lgan narsa.


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